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AI-Powered Project Management in Construction

Real-time AI-generated summaries enhance project visibility.

Predictive risk management reduces project delays.

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AI-Powered Project Management in Construction

Luzida's AI solution revolutionizes construction project management, optimizing resource allocation and reducing delays.

The Challenge

A renowned construction company, known for its large-scale projects, faced significant challenges in project management. With complex timelines, extensive budgets, and a multitude of stakeholders involved, managing each project efficiently was becoming increasingly difficult. The existing project management tools were inadequate for creating comprehensive summaries, accurately budgeting time and resources, and effectively handling escalations, leading to project delays and budget overruns.

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March 2023


140+ hours


Public Sector


Pain Point

The main issue was the lack of automation and intelligence in the project management process. Project managers had to manually compile project summaries, track budgets and timelines, and manage escalations, which was time-consuming and prone to human error. This manual approach resulted in inefficient resource allocation, missed deadlines, and inadequate response to project risks and issues, affecting the overall project delivery and profitability.



Luzidastepped in with an AI-powered project management solution designed to streamline project planning, execution, and monitoring. Our comprehensive solution includes:

·      Automated Project Summaries: Our AIsystem generates real-time, concise project summaries, providing stakeholders with an instant overview of project status, milestones achieved, and pending tasks.

·      Intelligent Budgeting and Timing: Leveraging Advanced algorithms, our tool offers precise budgeting and timing forecasts,factoring in historical data, project complexity, and resource availability.This ensures optimal resource utilization and timely project delivery.

·      Proactive Escalation Management: The system is equipped with a predictive risk management module that identifies potential project risks and issues early on. It automatically triggers escalations to the relevant stakeholders, ensuring swift resolution and minimal impact on the project timeline.

·      SeamlessIntegration: Our Solution integrates seamlessly with existing ERP and CRM systems, ensuring that project data flows smoothly across all platforms, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.


The Impact Created

The Implementation of Luzida's AI-driven project management tool has transformed the construction company's project delivery process:

·     Enhanced Project Visibility: Automated Summaries provide all stakeholders with a clear, up-to-date view of project progress, facilitating informed decision-making and timely interventions.

·     Optimized Resource Allocation: The Intelligent budgeting and timing features ensure that resources are allocated efficiently, reducing wastage and improving project profitability.

·      Reduced Project Delays: Proactive Escalation management enables early detection and resolution of issues,significantly reducing project delays and avoiding cost overruns.

·     Improved StakeholderImprovedStakeholder Satisfaction: The Streamlined, transparent, and efficient project management process leads to higher stakeholder satisfaction, reinforcing the company's reputation for reliability and excellence.


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