AI-Driven Client Onboarding: Transforming Legal Services


A 25% increase in monthly revenue.


Onboarding of 3 additional clients per month.

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AI-Driven Client Onboarding: Transforming Legal Services

Luzida's AI-driven solution notably enhanced a law firm's client onboarding process, increasing efficiency, boosting monthly revenue by 25%, and improving client satisfaction.

In order to enhance the customer service experience and improve response times, we implemented an AI-driven chatbot. This intelligent bot was capable of understanding customer queries and providing appropriate responses, all in real-time. Not only did this drastically reduce waiting times, but it also led to improved customer satisfaction. The AI chatbot we developed was equipped with:

  • Real-time Customer Interaction
  • Improved Response Times
  • High Accuracy in Responses
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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March 2023


2 months




The core issue lies in the onboarding process. The current system iscumbersome and inefficient, requiring manual input and verification of clientinformation, which is both time-consuming and prone to errors. This leads todelayed client engagement, missed opportunities, and a strain on the firm'sresources. The need for a streamlined, automated process to onboard new clientsswiftly and accurately is evident



At Luzida, wespecialize in leveraging AI to revolutionize business processes, turningchallenges into opportunities. Our solution for the law firm involvesdeveloping an intelligent client onboarding flow. Here's how it works:

Automated Inquiry Handling: Upon receivinga website inquiry, our AI system analyzes the client's details and casespecifics.

·     DynamicFollow-Up Questionnaire: Based on the initial information, the AI generates atailored set of follow-up questions to gather all necessary details for thecase, ensuring no critical information is missed.

·     SeamlessIntegration: The collected data, along with relevant follow-up questions, areautomatically populated into the lawyer's management system. This includeslinking pertinent law articles and precedents to the case, enriching thelawyer's resources.

·     EffortlessClient Journey: Clients experience a smooth, guided process that not only savestime but also instills confidence in the firm's professionalism and attentionto detail.


Implementing Luzida's AI-driven solution transforms the law firm's operations with remarkable outcomes:

·     Increased Capacity: The firm can now efficiently onboard 3 additional clients per month, without compromising the quality of service or overburdening the staff.

·     Revenue Growth: This increase in capacity translates to a substantial 25% growth in monthly revenue, significantly boosting the firm's profitability and market position.

·     Enhanced Client Satisfaction: The streamlined, responsive onboarding process enhances the client experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

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