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AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Online Retail Customer Support


Over 75% of customer inquiries now automated.


65% reduction in operational costs post-implementation.

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AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Online Retail Customer Support

An AI chatbot solution by Luzida significantly improved an online retailer’s customer support, automating 75% of inquiries and slashing costs by 65%.

In response to the client's need for greater operational agility and efficiency, we carried out a comprehensive cloud migration and infrastructure optimization. This not only ensured the client's operations could scale as needed, but also led to significant cost savings and improved system performance. The key features of this project included:

  • Scalable Operations
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced Security

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March 2023


1 month


Customer Support


The primary issue was the inefficiency andhigh operational costs associated with the traditional customer support model.The reliance on a large team of support agents to manually handle inquiriesresulted in inconsistencies in response quality and significant delays.Moreover, the inability to provide immediate, round-the-clock support wasadversely affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our Approach/Solution

Luzida introduced an innovative solution to revolutionize the company's customer support system using our state-of-the-artAI chatbot. Our solution was designed to:

·     Automate Customer Interactions: The AI chatbot can handle a wide range of customer inquiries, from simple FAQs to more complex support requests, providing instant responses 24/7.

·     Intelligent Knowledge Base Search: The chatbot is integrated with the company's knowledgebase, enabling it to provide accurate, contextually relevant solutions by automatically searching and retrieving information in real-time.

·     SeamlessEscalation: For inquiries that require human intervention, the chatbot seamlessly escalates the issue to the appropriate support agent, along with a summary of the interaction, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in support.

·     Continuous Learning: Our AI chatbot is designed to learn from each interaction,continuously improving its responses and expanding its knowledge base to better serve customers.


The Impact Created

Theimplementation of Luzida's AI chatbot has dramatically transformed thecompany's customer support landscape:

·     Efficiency atScale: Over 75% of all inquiries are now handled by the AI chatbot,significantly reducing the workload on human agents and enabling them to focuson more complex support issues.

·     ReducedOperational Costs: The automation of customer support has led to a staggering65% reduction in operational costs, attributed to the decreased need for alarge support team and the efficiencies gained through automation.

·     EnhancedCustomer Satisfaction: The immediate, accurate, and 24/7 availability ofsupport has markedly improved customer satisfaction rates. Customers appreciatethe quick resolutions to their inquiries, leading to increased loyalty andpositive word-of-mouth.

·     Data-DrivenInsights: The chatbot's interactions provide valuable insights into customerneeds and preferences, enabling the company to continuously refine itsproducts, services, and support strategies.

·     Luzida's AIchatbot solution has not only alleviated the company's customer supportchallenges but has also set a new standard for customer service excellence,proving that innovative technology can lead to superior customer experiencesand operational efficiency.

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